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Jessica Richman, Co-founder/CEO of uBiome Will Answer Your Questions

Have a question for Jessica Richman?


Here’s your chance to ask her anything!

Jessica will be doing a reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) tomorrow, 10/16 from 10-11am PT. This is your chance to ask her about uBiome, citizen science, the microbiome, bacteria, or anything at all.

If you are unfamiliar with reddit, HERE is a guide that will help prepare you for her upcoming AMA. We will be emailing and posting the link to the AMA when it is live, tomorrow.

Looking forward!

One Thought to “Jessica Richman, Co-founder/CEO of uBiome Will Answer Your Questions”

  • JAkob says:

    Hi will you guys develop probiotics or pre biotics. ANd maybe help people with ibs and other illnesses. Please help i have ibs. Are you solving the problem with bacteria that can´t handle oxygen. Is a future with all gut bacteria in a pill for establish normal gut flora after ex antibiotic treat or other things on its way. Will you make the kits able to test for parasites and funges and all the other things a gut can have.

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