Jessica talks to Tim Ferriss about uBiome

We’re so excited to announce that we’ve been featured on Tim Ferriss’s latest podcast!


Maybe you know about Tim from one of his (several) #1 New York Times Bestselling books, his #1 business podcast, his world record in tango, or any of his other amazing endeavors. His podcast is excellent — we’re regular listeners and you should be too!

If you’re a Tim Ferriss listener, get your uBiome kit to learn about your microbiome. 10% off if you use the code timferrisspodcast when you place your order.

The podcast explores a number of long-held ideas about the microbiome, and examines topics such as:

  • Misconceptions about the microbiome
  • Mood disorders and your microbiome
  • Citizen Science and accelerating good research in this field
  • Creating an environment in which bacteria can thrive
  • Common disruptors of the microbiome

(There is some discussion of poop. Don’t be alarmed — we’re professionals.)

You can read more about this on Tim Ferriss’s blog.

The podcast is available both on iTunes and in a non-iTunes format.