uBiome presents a new dating platform: Are you Com-poop-able?*



In a world cluttered with dating sites, social networks, and matchmakers, navigating the fields of love can seem daunting.  Here at uBiome, we aim to simplify things and use metrics that matter to match you with the honey-poo of your dreams! 

We are proud to announce the new uBiome Com-poop-able dating app!  Simply submit a sample of your poop to our lab, and we will use our proprietary technology to match you with someone of your complementary bacterial profile!  In partnership with Tinder™ and Uber™ we will not only help you find your match, but bring them to you!  You can also chat with them privately via the the BM messaging system.  

Stop wasting time with people who will never fully appreciate all the trillions of bacteria that make you who you are, and join us today! 

*April Fools joke–come on guys…