Bacteria Cartoon Contest


Are you an artist, a designer, a sketcher, or just have a ballpoint pen laying around?cultured bacteria

Introducing the uBiome Bacteria Cartoon Contest

Grand Prize: $399 value                  Second Prize: $199 Value                Third Prize: $89 Value 2015-11-17 10-34-27 (1) 2015-11-17 10-34-27 (2)

How to enter:

Submit your funny, cute, awesome bacteria cartoons to Zack:


  1. Must be your own, original work of “art”. You can use any means (digital, good ‘ol fashion pen and paper, etc.)
  2. Submission deadline is 11/24 by midnight. Winners will be chosen the next day and posted on this blog.
  3. Points will be given for:
    1. Comedy (did it make us laugh)
    2. Originality (have we never seen something like it before)
    3. Visually appealing (is it pretty like a butterfly?)
    4. Digital Formatting (was it scanned into your computer? Please don’t just take a photo of your cartoon, unless you are a master photographer.)
  4. Have fun!

Any questions can be emailed to, but please be weary of his inbox. He gets cranky easily.