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Bacterial Functions, Diversity Score, And A Hallowe'en Treat

What are your bacteria actually doing in there?

We’re proud to announce some exciting new additions to the uBiome website:

1. Bacterial functions. How well do your bacteria process caffeine compared to other people? What do your carbohydrate and fat metabolism capacities look like? We’ve added 106 bacterial functions for you to explore in your gut microbiome data, and we’re giving everyone this new feature for free.

Login at and let us know what you think!

2. Diversity score. Is your gut microbiome more or less diverse than all other samples in the uBiome dataset? The chart below shows my actual data. In the gut, bacterial diversity is generally positive, so I guess I’m in good shape, diversity-wise.

And finally, we’d like to wish you and your bacteria a very happy Hallowe’en! All uBiome kits are 50% off until midnight on the 31st, so be sure to claim your treat, whether you dress up yourself, or just your bacteria do. (And it’s actually 100 trillion trick-or-treaters, thanks to a sharp reader for noticing!)

Hope you enjoy the new features. We’d love to hear your feedback.
Bugs and hisses,

2 Thoughts on “Bacterial Functions, Diversity Score, And A Hallowe'en Treat”

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  • Mary says:

    So far, I have done 2 uBiome tests, and a third is being processed currently. The new bacterial functions feature is quite intriguing. I would like to better understand how to use it to my benefit. For instance, if my ascorbate and aldarate metabolism is above average, what does that mean for me and the diet I eat or should eat? If my arachidonic acid metabolism is 1/3 what the average sampled individual’s is, does that mean I should limit my saturated fat intake more than most people?
    Fascinating. I would just love more information about this new feature. I plan on submitting more samples in the future. Thanks.

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