Thank you for your support

We’re excited that you’ve joined us in creating this citizen science community!

Over 2,500 of you joined uBiome, contributing a total of over $350,000, making this the largest successful crowdfunding campaign for citizen science to date.

We are now moving into the research portion of the project. As planned, we will send out the kits starting in May, and will update you as they are sent out. In the meantime, we are putting your kits together, setting up our website, and other great things! Here are some updates on our progress:

We are currently designing the web interface for you to view, interact with, and download your microbiome data. Making data understandable to citizen scientists is one of the primary goals of our project, and we hope you’ll be impressed!

Many of you have asked questions around shipping charges, address changes, order changes and the like. Before we start shipping out kits, we will confirm your address, send out additional billing for shipping charges, and answer any order questions you may have. You will be able to specify your upgrade kit preferences, t-shirt size, etc. at that time.

Balancing the needs of open access while maintaining your safety and privacy is very important. To achieve this end, scientists rely on an Institutional Review Board to provide ethical oversight, and we have been working with ours to achieve these goals. We will update you when this process is complete.

We are excited to create the future of citizen science with all of you!

Thanks again for your support!