New open source uBiome github repository for data analysis tools

uBiome was founded to help all citizens contribute to science. Many uBiome users have been asking if we can make it easier for them to analyze their own data, and now we’re pleased to announce a new Github site to let you do exactly that.

The site has a repository called microbiome-tools (for sharing tools, templates, scripts, or other software or utilities you find useful for analyzing your uBiome data).

To contribute, all you need is a (free) Github account from which you can send pull requests. If you’re brand new to Git or Github and you want to learn more, check out this beginners guide:

Please note that everything in these repositories is being made available under the Creative Commons International license, and by uploading your tools you are agreeing that you own the information and that you agree to share them with everyone.

Share away! Let’s all learn together.

That link again is:

Your friends, Alexandra Carmichael (@accarmichael) and Richard Sprague (@sprague)