Meet Gabe…and his robot assistants! (updated)

My name is Gabe, and I am a recent addition to the uBiome team. Your enthusiasm and excitement about our microbiome project has given us the best possible problem — way more samples than we had hoped for! Building a pipeline to handle these and future samples in a consistent and accurate manner is my job — everything between your hands and sequencing data – is my responsibility.

The bulk of our laboratory pipeline is being handled by robots. (Yes, ROBOTS!) To that end, we’ve acquired large liquid handling robots to extract bacterial DNA from your samples, amplify the segments we use to determine what kind of bacteria is in you, and prepare those segments for sequencing. Having several robots enables us to use different ones for different parts of the pipeline, adding another physical layer of contamination prevention to the pipeline.

Pipeline integration is going very well, and we’re looking forward to spinning up and running large quantities of samples in the near future. We just have one problem: what should we name our robots? C-biome-O? B.I.O.M.E? Marvin?