Microbiome Awareness Month! Is the Future of Cars Poop as Fuel?

During this month of frenzied running from the office to home and events and back, stop to think of your mode of transportation.  Or, more to the point, the fuel it uses.  There have been some recent innovations resulting in vehicles running on human waste.

In 2010, the UK company GENeco converted a VW Beetle to run on biogas produced entirely from human waste.  Known as the Bio Bug, newspapers at the time excitedly reported that “excrement flushed down the lavatories of just 70 homes was enough to power the car for 10,000 miles.”

Just a few years later came another creatively fueled mode of transportation by the British which was called a “poo bus,” a 40-seater vehicle powered entirely by human and food waste.

The bus can travel 186 miles on one tank of gas, which can apparently be produced by recycling the waste of just five people.

Just some fuel for thought as you tool around town flitting from shopping to parties, about how your poop could one day be fueling your travels.

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