Microbiome Awareness Month! Live from Helsinki

Happy month of December to all of you from all of us at uBiome!

Here’s some hot news from a cold place:

Our Co-Founder and CEO, Dr. Jessica Richman, gave a talk in chilly Helsinki at the famous Slush conference, the world’s largest startup event. It’s like a stadium rock concert – but with entrepreneurs – and attracts 20,000 attendees and 1 million live stream viewers.

By the way, speaking of snowy, slushy places, did you know that rain and snow are full of (of course) bacteria?

P. syringae is a common pathogen found on woody plants such as lilacs, and on a range of trees, including some maples, apple, pear, cherry, plum, and poplar, where it causes blights, cankers, and diebacks.

Also, P. syringae appear to use clouds as a way of transporting themselves from one place to another.

When they’re up in the clouds, they have a peculiar tendency to cause a phenomenon known as ice nucleation, when chemicals on the surface of the bacterium lead to the formation of tiny ice crystals.

This in turn causes the combination of bacterium and ice to become heavier, making it fall to earth.

The ice thaws as it falls, so we end up with raindrops containing P. syringae. For more interesting facts on bacteria in the clouds, read our classic blog post.

Thank you to @rgralia for capturing this amazing picture of Dr. Richman of uBiome and Kimmy Scotti of 8VC, live on the Slush 2017 Helsinki stage.


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