Microbiome Awareness Month – Microbes and fitness

As the new year approaches, so too does the focus on getting fit.  

In one study, obese individuals appeared to have fewer different bacterial species in their guts than lean individuals.  The research identified a pretty big genetic component to visceral fat mass: heritability was responsible for 0.7 (or 70%) of the variance, so at least to some degree, it seems that you have a genetic predisposition to end up with a similar body shape to your parents, and this may be partly due to having a microbiome like Mom (or Dad).

As for increasing bacterial diversity, the study’s lead researcher, Dr. Michelle Beaumont, suggests that eating a broadly varied diet can help.

So, during this month of self-improvement, focus on what you can control and the little changes that you can make, like diet, that can positively shape and impact your health.

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