Microbiome Awareness Month – Mom’s Bacteria with you for life

During this time of year of giving thanks, don’t forget to be thankful for the amazing gift of bacteria from Mom.  There’s even a name for it – the maternal microbiome.

There was a time when scientists thought unborn babies were bacteria-free.  Not only is this not the case, if a baby is delivered vaginally, she receives a dose of bacteria from her mother as she passes through the birth canal, getting covered in a microbial film that includes species which will help her digest her first meal.

A University of Idaho study found that there are even important bacteria in breast milk, meaning that the guts of babies given formula differ from those fed on breast milk.  Your bacteria play a vital part in your health, and always have.

So, during this month of gratitude and giving thanks, don’t forget to include on that thankful list the bacteria you inherited from Mom.

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