What We're Reading

Welcome to another episode of marvelous microbiome mentions we’ve been reading lately. Enjoy!

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– This has to be the cutest thing ever. Giant Microbes! A toy company in the UK makes stuffed microbes at over a million times their actual size. Come on now, who wants a cuddly little Norovirus? Or a plush Flesh Eating Disease?

– Scientific American has published a beautiful editorial dedicated to Innovations in the Microbiome. It has articles from legendary researchers on topics ranging from mental health to hunter-gatherers to how microbiome research will pay off. A great curl-up-with-your-laptop read.

– Researchers at the University of Washington, Seattle have made a new discovery. They found that there are some strains of bacteria in the gut that vary widely in how many of them there are (copy number variation), some strains that don’t vary in number very much between people, and some strains whose copy number is associated with obesity or IBD. So it would seem that it’s not just which bacteria we have in our gut that matters, but how many of each kind there too.

– A fun and reassuring post about the smell of vulvas and vaginas. Should they smell like fish? Yeast? Onions? Sour milk? It all depends. But this just might be the quote of the day: “You won’t end up with latte-scented genitals if you hit up Starbucks too many times.”

If you’ve read something magnificent and would like to see it here next week, please let me know!

We wish you and your microbiome, as always, a wonderful weekend.