Announcing The HelloFlo Pregnancy Microbiome Study


Starting today, uBiome and HelloFlo are teaming up to explore how the vaginal microbiome changes during pregnancy and postpartum.

Learn more about the study at

Bacteria are passed from mother to baby during the birth process, which scientists have found is an important part of preparing the baby’s body and immune system to enter the world. Let’s find out together exactly how this works!

We are giving out the first 50 kits for free, so that everyone can participate in discovering more about bacterial changes during pregnancy. After the first 50, it’s only $59 to test your vaginal microbiome and contribute to the study.

It’s quick, painless, and could benefit mothers and babies around the world. If you are pregnant or have just given birth, please consider joining the HelloFlo Pregnancy Microbiome Study.

And spread the word! Hashtag #pregnancymicrobiome.