A warm (surprise!) welcome to the microbiome community

Hello, fellow biopioneer!

Just wanted to introduce myself and offer to be your friendly neighborhood guide as we wander the frontier of the microbiome together. I’m Alexandra Carmichael, formerly Director of the Quantified Self and Co-Founder of CureTogether (acquired by 23andMe), now honored to be Director of Community here at uBiome.

It’s an exciting new world, both vast and tiny at the same time.

And with so much promise for the future of human health.

As a little welcoming gift from me to you, here are 5 ways to keep up with what’s happening in the space and meet like-minded folks:

1. Be in the know about upcoming events, latest news, and job postings. Learn what others are discovering in their microbiome data. Feel inspired, laugh. Sign up here for the uBiome newsletter I’ll be curating for you.

2. Share the microbiome love and see who’s out there talking about it. I look forward to meeting you on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, or Instagram. Some other interesting places to be are:

– HealthyGutBugs
– Richard Sprague’s blog on analyzing his uBiome data
– #microbiome

3. If you’re an RSS person, grab the feed for this blog. I’ll have insightful posts up for you every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday. If you’d like to guest post about what you’re learning from your uBiome data, let me know!

4. Fill in your knowledge gaps, and impress your dinner companions. Whether you studied microbiology in school or not, you’re sure to find a few gems you didn’t know about. Check out a few must-see resources:

– Human Microbiome FAQ from ASM
– Global Perspective on a “Healthy” Microbiome from PBS
– Interactive Map of the Human Microbiome from Scientific American

5. Get connected, and say hi back! Please write to me anytime to discuss your experiment ideas, share your hopes and challenges, or even just to get a virtual hug. I’m here to help bring us all together on our wild journey through the microbiomial frontier.

See you again soon,