uBiome is Partnering with Lift to Run the Largest Diet Study Ever Attempted

This time of year, we are all inundated with diet plans and advice. For those who are looking to shed some pounds, or even just get healthier, wading through all that information can be challenging.

A new study has just begun to research diets on an unprecedented scale. uBiome is partnering with Lift and a number of innovative companies such as Polar and wellness FX to support The Quantified Diet Project. Thousands of volunteers are signing up to follow one of ten diets for four weeks.  You choose from one of the diets listed below and LiftApp will coach you through the diet. uBiome is participating by offering a special discount to measure your microbiome before and after the diet.

  • Slow-Carb Diet®: Meat, legumes/beans, and veggies; abstain from white foods like sugar, pasta, bread, cheese; epic “cheat day” once per week.
  • Paleo: eat like a caveman, mostly veggies, meats, nuts.

  • Vegetarian: vegetables, but no meat. Cheese and eggs are optional.

  • Whole foods: eat only recognizable foods and avoid processed ones. Advised by Summer Tomato.

  • Gluten-free: no wheat, rye, barley or wheat-based foods.

  • No sweets: a simple diet change that affects your insulin swings.

  • DASH: USDA’s current recommendation.

  • Calorie counting: the old standard.

  • Sleep more: the science says this should work. .

  • Mindful eating: learn mindfulness to recognize when you’re full.

The study, which was designed with advice from nutritionists and statisticians at UC Berkeley, has two aims:

  1. Help one million people make a healthy diet change leading to: weight loss, overall health, and/or more energy.

  2. Perform the largest-ever measurement of popular diets. What works? How do popular diets compare? How can we all be more successful?

uBiome is offering a special kit for anyone who is interested in seeing how changes in their diet affect the composition of their microbiome.  The Quantified Diet Kit includes two gut microbiome testing kits – use the first kit right away, and then use the second kit after 4 weeks to track your progress. This kit is has a special discount for a limited time at more than 40% off the regular price with bonus free 2-Day shipping in the US with coupon code: uBQD.

Take advantage of this great deal soon because this special kit will only be available until the end of January!