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uBiome Is Recruiting For These Open Studies

Every month or so, I’ll be sharing with you a list of all the studies we’re running that are open to public participation. Feel free to check them out, spread the word, and be part of the research by adding your microbiome to whichever studies most interest you.

1. HelloFlo Pregnancy study: recruiting women in all trimesters of pregnancy as well as 3 months postpartum.

2. Raw vs. Pasteurized Cheese study: recruiting anyone who eats either kind of cheese.

3. Probiotics study: recruiting people who take probiotics, or about to start.

4. Dietary Effects study: recruiting people who are willing to report on their consumption of whole foods, organic foods, juices, and other dietary choices.

5. Aging Microbiome study: recruiting sponsors for this one, to allow a large-scale study of how the microbiome changes with age and affects age-related diseases.

6. Dental Genome study: recruiting anyone who wants to know more about the bacteria on their teeth and gums.

Thank you for exploring! We’ll have lots more studies starting in the coming weeks. If you have a request for a study you’d like us to do, please tell us in the comments!

2 Thoughts on “uBiome Is Recruiting For These Open Studies”

  • Jon half says:

    I would be interested to know if there is a connection between blood pressure and the microbiome. High blood pressure is one of the biggest killers in America and nobody knows why people get it.

    • Alexandra Carmichael says:

      Thanks Jon! We do ask about high blood pressure in our survey. I’ll ask our data scientists to look into your question!

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