uBiome joins the Y Combinator and Andressen Horowitz families

Y Combinator logo

uBiome is really proud to have joined both the Y Combinator and Andreesen Horowitz families.

uBiome was part of the Summer 2014 class at Y Combinator and just raised a Series A from Andreesen Horowitz. Our new website, including a new ordering page, is the first of many improvements on the way. Andreesen (a16z) is a top-tier venture firm that will support our growth as we move past the seed stage. Here’s to great things to come!

As part of these changes, we are updating our survey interface and redesigning both the flow (big changes here) and the questions themselves. We’d love your help in rethinking the surveys. What questions would you like to see? Are there new areas we should ask about? What would be most helpful? Please fill out our poll on the uBiome survey here or send emails to support@ubiome.com and we’ll incorporate as much of your feedback as we can.