uBiome’s Patents Leading the Way

Research on the microbiome’s effect on health and disease is growing rapidly, and new discoveries are constantly emerging. Each day, we’re learning more about how our microbiome is affected by how we eat, drink, and live, causing an increase in public interest and exponential growth in the industry.

The Human Microbiome Project (HMP), for example, gleaned a wealth of new knowledge about the microbiome, with just a couple hundred people participating. We were inspired by the implications of expanding the reach of this data even further. If a couple hundred participants were able to produce this much valuable data, what about a couple hundred thousand?

uBiome — and our mission to advance the science of the microbiome and make it useful to people — was born.

Seven years later, we have the largest microbiome dataset in the world and project that, by the end of this year, we will have sequenced 200 billion microbes. Gathering this information requires constant learning, innovation, and extensive research.


uBiome as Top Innovators

The number of academic publications and active patent families around the microbiome has grown exponentially since the initiation of the HMP in 2008.  Recently, a study published in Frontiers in Bioengineering and Biotechnology analyzed key patent owners and innovators in the microbiome space in regards to cumulative value and portfolio size and declared that uBiome has the largest patent portfolio in the microbiome industry and the third highest quality portfolio, following Seres Health and Nestle.

Dr. Jessica Richman, Ph.D., co-founder and CEO, Dr. Zachary Apte, Ph.D., co-founder and CEO, and Dr. Daniel Almonacid, Ph.D., Senior Vice President of Science and Innovation, were also individually named as the most prolific patent inventors in the microbiome space.


What are uBiome’s Patents?

uBiome has filed for over 250 patents on our technology, which includes sample preparation, computational analysis, molecular techniques, as well as diagnostic and therapeutic applications.

Our granted patents include:

“Through continued collaborations and partnerships, uBiome looks forward to utilizing our patent assets along with our microbiome dataset, the largest in the world, to continue making useful products, advancing microbiome diagnostics and therapeutics,” said Dr. Jessica Richman, co-founder and CEO of uBiome.