What Microbiome Studies Would You Like To See Happen?

We’re about to announce something exciting about some microbiome studies we’re running, but in the meantime I’d love to ask you something.

What microbiome studies would you like to see happen?

I asked this question in our latest newsletter, as well as around the office, and some inspiring and fun replies came in:

– Before and after hand washing, to see how effective it really is
– What’s in that goo that comes out of your eyes in the morning?
– Before and after colonoscopy, to see if the same microbiome returns
Chronic sinusitis, to detect any difference from normal nose/ear passages
– What happens to your gut bacteria during the transition to gluten-free
– Patients with recurrent C. diff infection
Rosacea patients, both skin and gut microbiomes
– The Hashimoto thyroiditis microbiome
Rheumatoid arthritis
– Testing the Eat Right For Your Blood Type diet and the probiotics the author recommends for each blood type
– Gut bacteria and sleep deprivation
– The bacteria on money

The 5-second rule: true or false?

Now it’s your turn. Tell us in the comments: what studies do you want to see happen?