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Using advanced DNA sequencing technology, SmartGut™ accurately identifies dozens of important species and genera so you can diagnose your patient’s condition with greater precision.

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How SmartGut™ helps

SmartGut helps you gain insight into your patients’ gut health. Patients self-sample conveniently at home, then mail samples to the lab, increasing compliance.

Once testing is complete, we will email you and your patient a secure link to a PDF. This detailed report shows dozens of microorganisms as well as information on how they relate to gut health.


Wide detection range

SmartGut identifies dozens species and genera – more than any other clinical microbiome test. It detects both pathogens and beneficial microorganisms, enabling you to create a detailed treatment plan for their gut.

Critical level alerts

SmartGut not only identifies specific types of microorganisms. It also shows you if your patient’s levels fall within healthy ranges. With SmartGut, you can see how your patient’s levels compare to reference ranges from 1,000 healthy individuals in the world’s largest microbiome database.

Samples delivered to lab

Patients conveniently drop their samples in the mail. That means there's no need for you to handle their specimens, and reduced time from testing to results.

Easy sampling for patients

The SmartGut sampling process is simple and mess-free for patients, unlike traditional stool sampling. Patients simply run a swab lightly over their used toilet paper, removing just enough of their fecal matter to tint the swab.

Find out how  SmartGut can help you help your patients take steps to better health

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A patient’s microbiome has a huge impact on health. SmartGut™ gives today’s doctor a vital window into the gut.

Plenty of bacterial species are only pathogenic at certain levels, which is why it makes sense that SmartGut™ offers reference ranges.

How the test works

SmartGut makes sampling easy for your patients, and gives you detailed and accurate insights into their gut health. With the results of your patient’s SmartGut test, you and your patient can take further steps to understand their gut health.

Your patient collects the sample at home by simply running the included sterile swab lightly over used toilet paper.

Your patient mails the sample directly to our lab. There is no need to handle the sample in your office.

We extract microbial DNA from the sample in our CLIA-certified and CAP-accredited clinical laboratory team.

Using advanced DNA sequencing, we identify dozens of bacteria and other microorganisms and determine if your patient falls within healthy ranges developed through proprietary processes from a cohort of 1,000 healthy individuals.

We send you and your patient a test report which includes both pathogens and beneficial microbes associated with specific infections, lifestyle choices, and gut conditions such as Crohn’s disease and Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).

Your patient schedules an appointment to review the test results with you, and discuss appropriate next steps.

Metrics and methods

The uBiome SmartGut screening test includes information on dozens of clinically relevant bacteria and other microorganisms associated with health and disease.

Safe at ambient temperatures

SmartGut collection kits include a stabilization buffer, which effectively lyses and kills all microorganisms and preserves the sample DNA for transport at ambient temperatures to our CLIA-certified and CAP-accredited laboratory.

Illumina® next-generation sequencing

We use universal primers to target the variable region 4 (V4) of the 16S ribosomal RNA (16S rRNA) gene in the DNA which we isolate from the microorganisms present in a SmartGut sample. The 16S rRNA genes are sequenced using Illumina® Next-Generation sequencing.

Secure computing cluster

We run our analyses on a secure, high-performance computing cluster. Once we’ve determined a sample’s taxonomic composition, we compare it to an established healthy reference range that is based on the world’s largest microbiome dataset.

Taxonomic annotation

Our bioinformatics pipeline enables us to generate a taxonomic annotation of the dozens of clinically relevant species and genera that may be present in a SmartGut sample. Analysis of SmartGut samples is performed using high-throughput bioinformatics, which incorporate phylogenetic algorithms and custom databases specifically developed for microbiome data.

Extensive literature review

Our extensive and ongoing review of scientific literature has identified numerous associations between the microorganisms on the SmartGut panel and human health and disease. The SmartGut test report incorporates this information and provides insights into how specific microorganisms may affect your patients.

High specificity and sensitivity

On average, the sensitivity, specificity, precision, and negative prediction value for the microorganisms on our target list are 99.0%, 100%, 98.9%, and 100%, for the species, and 97.4%, 100%, 98.5%, and 100% for the genera, respectively. Using advanced DNA sequencing technology, we can achieve much better test metrics than other similar tests.


The uBiome SmartGut microbiome screening test is a comprehensive panel that identifies the following microorganisms in a patient sample:

Akkermansia municiphila
Anaerotruncus colihominis
Bacteroides fragilis
Butyrivibrio crossotus
Clostridium difficile (C. diff)
Collinsella aerofaciens
Desulfovibrio piger
Dialister invisus

Methanobrevibacter smithii
Oxalobacter formigenes
Ruminococcus albus
Salmonella enterica
Vibrio cholerae