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Microbiome Grant Initiative

We can help your microbiome research!

Our technology provides an easy way to add microbiome sequencing to any study. Our collection kits are optimal for research studies due to their stability and simple sampling protocol. In addition, research participants in your study can have access to their own microbiome results on our user-friendly web portal.

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You are eligible to apply if you are a researcher (at any career level) at an academic institution, or other not-for-profit research institution or group, anywhere in the world.

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Award Process

Your proposal will be reviewed by our team during our bi-monthly review sessions. If accepted, we will award all the kits necessary to complete your research project. Select projects will also receive support in study design, planning, analysis, and publication from our bioinformaticians and scientists trained at UCSF, Stanford, Harvard, and other top institutions.

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Upcoming Deadlines for Proposal Submission:

04-01-2019 07-01-2019 09-30-2019

How to Apply

Click here to download application instructions and tips for writing your proposal.
Please email your proposal and CV or Biosketch to:


Contact us at with any questions or to set up a phone call to discuss your research interests further.

Ongoing collaborations and previous awardees

uBiome has partnered with hundreds of academic organizations including Stanford, UCSF, UNC Chapel Hill, Harvard, Oxford, Mass General, Boston Children’s, and many other institutions. Our recently awarded grants represent diverse research areas ranging from gastrointestinal conditions to oncology to psychiatry to dentistry.

uBiome has produced such consistent data for my projects, I can’t publish them fast enough! As an academic, it is a deep relief to have research partners that rapidly complete analyses and return data. I can do sequencing in my lab, but the level of precision achieved by uBiome’s standardization is incomparable. Their data is solid. My science and clinical work have advanced due to their analyses, and moreover from our conversations. Thank you uBiome!

— Dr. Jeremy Horst DDS, PhD, UCSF

Our team at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill has pioneered the investigation of the intestinal microbiota in eating disorders. In our early studies, we identified an imbalance in the intestinal microbiota in individuals with anorexia nervosa and now, via our partnership with uBiome, will explore the topic further and faster in individuals with bulimia nervosa and binge-eating disorder. Our partnership with uBiome has accelerated the pace and scope of this research. Together, we are working to better understand the nature of the bidirectional relationship between eating disorders and the intestinal microbiota.

— Dr. Cynthia Bulik, PhD, FAED, UNC Chapel Hill
Check out our recent blog post to read more about Dr. Bulik’s project.

Working with uBiome has enabled us to establish the microbial abundance from healthy vaginal samples and in conditions associated with bacterial vaginosis in Africa. Our work with uBiome to investigate the gut microbiome of lean and overweight individuals, those with diabetes, and individuals that consume fermented and fast foods, has resulted in over five manuscripts. These achievements could not have been possible without uBiome as little or no funding agencies are present in Africa. I look forward to more collaborations with uBiome in the near future.

— Dr. Kingsley Anukam, PhD, University of Benin/Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka, Nigeria.

Previous Grant Recipients Hana Kahleova and Arshan Nasir discuss their projects in recent posts on our blog:
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About uBiome

uBiome is the leader in microbial genomics. Our scientific advances in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and statistical genetics, as well as the largest database of microbiomes in the world, allow us to create revolutionary products. Learn more about our Products.

We use Precision SequencingTM technology to identify and quantify the trillions of microorganisms that make up the human microbiome. We perform sequencing using the Illumina platform, and our strict engineering and microbial controls allow for exceptional reproducibility. We have six issued patents and over 150 patent assets, as well as 20 papers and presentations from our scientific team based on the technology developed at uBiome. Read more about our Science.