Research Partners

By partnering with uBiome, you’ll get access to our cutting-edge DNA sequencing technology and the proprietary bioinformatics pipeline, which compares your data to almost 100,000 samples. Whether you want to test your cohort over time or do a large-scale crowdsourced study, we can help you advance your research.

How it works

  1. We send you kits (either to you in bulk, or directly to your participants)
  2. You send us samples, which we will sequence and analyze using our advanced bioinformatics analysis
  3. You log in and see your results, with the option of comparing your data to our existing aggregate dataset

Technical specs

uBiome can analyze the human microbiome and many other bacterial samples – from brain tissue to cancer biopsy samples. We follow Human Microbiome Project 16S ribosomal RNA (16S rRNA) gene sequencing protocols with strict engineering and microbial controls to sequence your samples on an Illumina® Next-Generation sequencer.

uBiome has pioneered an easy-to-use microbiome navigator for study coordinators and participants, and a powerful comparison engine for large cohort studies. This is based on our own high-throughput microbiome informatics, including advanced statistical techniques, custom phylogenetic algorithms, and machine learning specifically designed for microbiome data.

Data security and privacy are key priorities at uBiome. We work with de-identified data and secure server encryption using a high-performance computing cluster on Amazon Web Services. Our data are collected using IRB-approved research protocols.

How to get started

We offer six testing sites (dental, genitals, gut, mouth, nose, and skin).

We can also test any other site, and have analyzed samples from air filters to cancer biopsy samples, from animal feces to sea water.

If you have questions, please email

Research partners